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BULATS Online - Reading and Listening (Standard Test)

a fast, accurate online test of listening and reading skills online...

The BULATS Online Reading and Listening test assesses listening and reading skills, and knowledge of grammar and vocabulary.

The BULATS Online Reading and Listening test pinpoints ability quickly and accurately by using 'adaptive' testing techniques. As a candidate progresses through the test, the computer selects and presents each question on the basis of the previous answer. The adaptive testing technique learns about the candidate’s level by monitoring the difficulty of the questions the candidate gets right and wrong and thus begins to select only those questions at the candidate’s level of ability. The test ends and a score is reported once the level has been determined. This usually takes about 60 minutes.

  • Candidates need no formal preparation in order to take a test although a tutorial and demo test are available for candidates to familiarise themselves with the task types available.
  • The BULATS Online Reading and Listening test can be taken at any computer connected to the internet. See full computer specifications.
  • BULATS test scores are linked to established and widely recognised international standards.
  • BULATS is professionally supported, with a wealth of expert advice and resources offered through a dedicated helpline, local Agent or office, and through our website.
  • Results are available immediately.


The Online Test can be combined with the Writing and Speaking test, however, each test can be taken separately producing a report for just the language skills assessed.




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